Prof. M. Mussa Wardak hospital was founded in 1991 with the approval of Ministry of Public Health Republic of Afghanistan, and is among few corporate hospitals which provide world class treatment to the patients round the clock around the Kabul City.
Prof. M. Mussa Wardak
is Director and Chief Surgeon of this hospital since 1999, and has improved the overall performance and services of the hospital to highest possible level.
Prof. Wardak is an orthopaedic surgeon not only known in Afghanistan but also around the globe, he was trained in Soviet Union and has a work experience of more than 30 years in the field of orthopaedics.
He is known as the founder and father of modern Orthopaedics in Afghanistan, he has acquired his Doctorate of Science degree in the field of Ring fixation popularly known as Ilizarov’s method for fracture treatment and limb lengthening. To his credit he has more than thirty inventions and new techniques in his field which are certified internationally.
We provide health care services to local and international communities. And our hospital is a multidisciplinary hospital with services ranging from like General Surgery, Urology, Physiotherapy, ENT, Mother and Child health care, and Orthopaedic and Traumatology along with Emergency services.
Each section is well equipped with modern facilities and latest technology like computerized labs, modern X-Ray machines, ultrasound etc. The hospital is a six storey building situated in the centre of Kabul.