Dr. Emal Wardak


Dr  Emal Wardak is a qualified orthopaedic surgeon with over 9 yrs clinical experience both in home country and abroad, working in PGI Chandigarh India and Wazir Akbar Khan Govt. Hospital Kabul and Al-haj Prof M Mussa Wardak, Hospital, Kabul, Afghanistan. He was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan and  excited about the prospect of an opportunity to  practice orthopedic surgery  in Kabul and to be together with his family.

  • He is familiar with a wide range of injuries, including road accidents, gun shots wounds and assault injuries. He is experienced in the diagnosis and management of Hip & Knee Arthroplasty, Spine Surgery, Pelvic and ACE tabular fracture fixation, Tumor resection & limb reconstruction, Arthroscopy, Pediatric Orthopedic surgery etc.

  • Have wide experience of managing emergency medical evacuations, common diseases in Pediatric Orthopedics, Orthopedic oncology, Spine, Sports Medicine & Rheumatology.

Successfully completed certified course of ITLS Advanced Trauma Course "provider", (ITLS) USA, received the SICOT Australian AWARD-2008 as a young deserving orthopedic surgeon and topped the SICOT Diploma Exam "Hong Kong 2008" and was awarded the SICOT German Fellowship Award.
Possess excellent interpersonal skills and have experience of + teaching from a basic to advanced level to both medical and non-medical personnel.
Presently working as consultant in one of the most advanced government centers in Orthopedics in Afghanistan, Managing almost all orthopedic related work, mainly trauma. In private setup, working with the most famous surgeon of Afghanistan, doing Arthroplasty, Spine and deformity corrections independently.

He is the first surgeon in Afghanistan to start total Knee and hip joint replacement surgeries.

He is multilingual and speaks  Russian, English, Pashto, Persian and Hindi.
His key publications are …

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